Mission & Values


Briya’s two-generation approach to education recognizes that parents are children’s first and most influential teachers. As parents’ literacy and educational levels increase, so does their children’s academic success. Briya is committed to strengthening families and communities through a learner-centered environment of trust, respect, and collaboration.

Briya’s mission is to provide a high-quality education for adults and children that empowers families through a culturally sensitive two-generation model.


Strengthening Families and Communities: Briya provides a supportive learning community and educational services that extend beyond individuals and offer entire families opportunities to meet their goals. Our two-generation education model honors the cultural and linguistic diversity of its student body, which is comprised of adults and young children. We identify shared goals among families and staff, and the instruction in both the adult and early childhood programs is relevant to learners’ daily lives and realities. Briya strives to increase the knowledge and skills that are essential for creating strong communities.

Respect and Understanding: Briya’s program is built on mutual respect and appreciation for all, regardless of individual differences. The staff and student body regard everyone as having worth and value and demonstrate respect by participating in activities together, listening to one another, and valuing different opinions and lifestyles.

Trust: Briya is committed to being a place of trust for staff and learners. Learners know that the school is a place of confidentiality, and they can be honest about their needs and priorities for daily life and personal growth. Personnel hold trust and confidentiality in high regard as a core part of our institutional integrity.

High-Quality Learner-Centered Education: Briya operates as a learning community with a commitment to excellence and continuous program improvement. Through dialogue and professional and personal growth, we strive to provide the best possible educational environment for young children and adults.

Multiculturalism and Diversity: Briya extends equitable status to all ethnic and religious groups and embraces families’ cultural values, attitudes, and beliefs toward learning. We are intentional about countering stereotyping and bias in our curriculum and instruction.

Collaboration: Briya is a supportive community of students and staff. We make decisions using an inclusive consultation-based model. We work as a team and believe that one way to achieve greater unity and peace in the world is to model it in our daily work.

Social Justice and Equity: Briya regards educational and socioeconomic equality for all to be a fundamental human right.