English Classes

Immigrant parents reach their goals in a culturally sustaining class environment.

Supported by engaged staff and a vibrant peer community, students choose educational pathways that meet their families’ unique needs.

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English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL)

In the ESOL program, students determine their own educational pathways based on their interests and needs. Some set goals that will allow them to effectively communicate with their children’s schools or gain entry-level employment. Others prepare to seek certification in high-demand careers through Briya’s Child Development Associate and Medical Assistant programs. And still others wish to complete the National External Diploma Program so they can pursue other forms of higher education – complementing diplomas from their home country or launching all-new beginnings.

Briya’s ESOL program is differentiated by student goal-setting, culturally-responsive classrooms, and a strong framework of support – from access to comprehensive health care and social services to a deeply connected community of student peers.

The ESOL academic program offers integrated content that is particularly relevant to the lives of immigrant students. Skill-building is rich and multi-layered. In a typical day, English language skills are built through content spanning child development, leadership, advocacy, civics, communications, digital literacy, and technology skills. Briya’s ESOL students are all parents and they are uniquely supported with class content exploring children’s social-emotional, cognitive, and physical development.

Teachers take a learner-centered approach, listening to their students as they talk about their lives, struggles, and goals, then craft lessons that will help students address these needs and get ahead in life. Instructors design hands-on activities that replicate how students will use English at home, in the community, and at their workplaces.

Briya offers six English levels, which range from Basic 1, where students learn to write and pronounce the alphabet, to Advanced 2, where students analyze text and learn grammar at a high-school level. Students with a young child enrolled in Briya’s early childhood program also participate in weekly Family Time.

Family Time

Briya’s unique program model unites parents and children in playful hands-on learning time each week.

With the support of early childhood teachers, and the environment as the third teacher, parents and children engage in co-created learning experiences in ideal learning environments.  Family Time is rewarding, laughter-filled, and promotes the kind of joyful learning, critical thinking, and curiosity essential for lifelong learning and academic success.

Briya’s family-centered model empowers parents to actively engage in their role as their children’s first and most important teachers.

Family Time welcomes parents into their children’s early childhood classrooms where teachers, parents, children, and the environment all have an important role to play and parents are given the time, space, and support to observe their children’s unique abilities and interests and nurture them accordingly.  During these times of mutual learning, parents are equipped to become true partners in their children’s education and learn practical skills to help them thrive.

Family Time features a variety of educational activities, including interactive storytime, visits to the public library, multicultural holiday celebrations, and family field trips. Through these times of learning, laughter, and love, parents and children develop a strong bond that promotes both academic and lifelong success.

National External Diploma Program (NEDP)

Students in Briya’s most advanced English class have the opportunity to earn a high school diploma through the NEDP. In this program, specifically designed to meet the needs of adult learners, students work independently, periodically meeting one-on-one with an assessor and receiving personalized support from an advisor. This program structure allows students to move at their own pace while balancing school, family, and work responsibilities.The program is typically completed in 1-2 years.

During the program, learners use their work and life experiences to demonstrate abilities in subject areas that are aligned with the College and Career Readiness Standards. Areas measured include reading, writing, math, communication, and critical thinking. Students also complete a College and Career Competency which, along with educational attainment documented through the NEDP Generalized Assessment, helps students prepare to enter the workforce, upgrade their skills, advance to a better job, and/or move from one field of work to another.

"Briya has helped me greatly to improve my English, to increase my knowledge, to have confidence in myself, and to not be scared of speaking English.”

— Dimelsa, Briya English student