Meet Briya

Briya has a dynamic team of committed educators and staff who are passionate about education and social justice.

Each staff member comes to Briya through a different path — full-time volunteers, former students, career educators — but all stay because of their commitment to Briya student families.

Leadership Team

Christie McKay

Executive Director

Joel Smith Goering

Director of Finance and Administration

Elizabeth Bowman

Chief Academic Officer

Berta Cruz Perez

Senior IT Manager

Ivana Valenzuela

Director of Outreach & Registration

Jennifer Dalzell

Director of Adult Education

Jodi Ihaza

Director of Charter Data

Karen Hertzler

Director of Accountability

Lauren Stolzfus

Communications & Executive Manager

Lena Johnson

Director of Early Childhood Education

Lisa Luceno

Senior Director of Early Childhood Strategy

Seghen Abebe

People Operations Generalist

Silvia Arias

Early Childhood Manager

Stephanie Mintz

Director of Student Services

Wendy Guardado

Administrative Manager

Board of Trustees

Briya’s Board of Trustees is made up of community leaders, professionals, and students who work together to support the strategic priorities of the school.

A complete listing of trustees can be found here.

View the Board of Directors Meeting Calendar here.

Team Directory

Name Position Email
Abera, Naomi Finance and Business Administrator
Adhikari, Pooja Early Childhood Teacher
Alexander, Patricia PreK Department
Alfaro, Jose Administrative & Security Support
Araujo, Clara Outreach & Registration Specialist
Argueta, Elsa Early Childhood Assistant Teacher
Arias, Silvia Early Childhood Manager
Batista, Claudia Patient Care Technician
Beltran, Maria Early Childhood Teacher
Benitez, Roxana Early Childhood Teacher
Bergner, Elizabeth Adult Education Lead Instructor
Abebe, Seghen HR Generalist
Bowman, Elizabeth Adult Education Director
Canaviri, Sonia Early Childhood Teacher
Cardenas, Maria Alejandra PreK Department
Castro, Mau CDA Coordinator & Instructor
Chirino, Violeta
Cruz, Berta IT Manager
De Paula, Gracia CDA Instructor
Diaz, Kenny IT Specialist
Diaz, Pablo IT Specialist
Diaz, Percy IT Specialist
Dorendorf, Isaiah MA Program Instructor
Dorendorf, Marlee Adult Education Associate Instructor
Escamilla, Shiela PreK Department
Evarts, Elaine Adult Education Lead Instructor
Faloni, Mark Adult Education Lead Instructor
Ferdous, Zannatul Early Childhood Teacher
Gaitan, Maria Dolores Early Childhood Teacher
Gebrekidan, Zaid Administrative Assistant
Gerkin, Thomas Adult Education Workforce and CASAS Administrator
Gomez, Lorena Early Childhood Coordinator
Gomez, Katia Special Education Director
Granados, Alejandra Early Childhood Teacher
Grijalva, Sonia Early Childhood Assistant
Guardado, Daysi Early Childhood Teacher
Guardado, Mirna Registrar
Guardado, Moris IT Assistant
Guardado, Wendy Administrative Manager
Hapuarachchi, Shanika Development Specialist
Hawkins, Allison PreK Department
Hertzler, Karen Director of Accountability & Development
Ihaza, Jodi Director of Charter Data & Administrative Manager
Johnson, Lena Director of Early Childhood Education
Juarez-Escamilla, Maribel Early Childhood Coordinator
Kebade, Luwam Early Childhood Teacher
Kittleson, Judy Adult Education Lead Instructor and Coordinator
Kushner, Beth Adult Transitions Coordinator
Sandoval, Daniela Outreach Assistant
Luceno, Lisa Senior Director of Early Childhood Strategy
Luque Flores, Alicia Front Desk Receptionist
Macheel, Annie Adult Education Lead Instructor
Marin, Sandra CASAS Coordinator
McCarey, Eve Adult Education Lead Teacher
McKay, Christie Executive Director
Mejia, Amima Early Childhood Assistant
Mendoza, Elvira Early Childhood Assistant
Mendoza, Yolanda Early Childhood Assistant
Messer, Amy Operations Director
Mintz, Stephanie Community Schools Coordinator and Director of Student Services
Morales, Alicia Early Childhood Teacher
Morillo, Florinda Early Childhood Assistant
Neira, Liz Twos Teacher
Ngako-Wotcho, Mireille Outreach Specialist
Pease, Alicia Adult Education Lead Instructor
Perez, Guillermina Early Childhood Teacher
Perez, Eduardo IT Specialist
Perez, Octavio Facilities Engineer & External Education Specialist
Plotnikov, Sasha Adult Education Lead Teacher
Prater, Emily Adult Ed Math Master Teacher & Coach
Preheim, Lorie Outreach Assistant
Quintanilla, Carlos PreK Department
Quinteros, Wendy Temporary MA Program Coordinator
Rached, Sawsan Early Childhood Assistant
Ramirez, Milena PreK Department and Early Childhood Aftercare Assistant
Reuber, Paige Adult Education Lead Instructor and Coordinator
Reyes, Johanna Dedicated Aide and Temporary Early Childhood Assistant
Ring, Lyle Adult Education Lead Teacher
Rivas, Claudia Early Childhood Assistant
Rivera-Martinez, Kimberly Administrative Site Coordinator
Rivera, Rosa Early Childhood Teacher
Rosenberg, Jessica Adult Education Coordinator
Sadownick, Jamey Adult Education Lead Instructor
Sandoval, Nury PreK Department
Santizo, Leticia Early Childhood Assistant Teacher
Schmidt, Kerstin PreK Department
Sevilla Mejia, Rikssi Administrative Assistant
Simpson Baird, Ashley Research & Policy
Stoltzfus, Lauren Communications Coordinator
Strattan, Alissa Adult Education Teacher
Taft Hicks, Camilla Strategy Coordinator
Toure, Barbara Adult Education Instructional Coach
Ulseth, Johanna Family Engagement & Wellness Manager
Vaccalluzzo, Marisa Speech & Language Pathologist
Valenzuela, Ivana Director of Outreach & Registration
Velazquez Rangel, Martha PreK Department
Carlisle, Sam Outreach Assistant
Wittkowski, Kirsten Adult Education Lead Instructor & Coordinator
Cardenas, Yanelly Registration Assistant
Castillo, Tamara Pre-K Department
Oakland, Silvia Communications Associate
Aguilar, Rosa Facilities Specialist
Alvarez, Elizabeth Early Childhood Substitute Instructor
Atnafu, Meseret Dedicated Aide and Classroom Assistant
Ayele, Tsedey Early Childhood Dedicated Aide
Barthel, Bailey Adult Education Lead Teacher
Calderon, Monserrat Education Referrals Coordinator
Canizalez, Gladis Interpretation Coordinator
Castro, Dina Facilities Specialist
Chan, Michelle Adult Education Lead Teacher
Chicas, Rosa Outreach Assistant
Clay, Darryl Entrepreneurship
Dalzell, Jennifer Director of Adult Education
De Moler, Maribi Adult Education Lead Teacher
Diaz, Brandon IT Support
Flores De Montero, Lucia Early Childhood Teacher
Flores Prudencio, Paulina Facilities Specialist
Funes, Johanna Dedicated Aide and Early Childhood Classroom Assistant
Glavez, Telma Dedicated Aide and Classroom Assistant
Garcia, Michelle Student Services Coordinator
Gillon, Kathryn Pre-K Department
Smith Goering, Joel Finance Director
Guerra, Maria Early Childhood Assistant
Heil, Mary Adult Education Virtual Assistant
Henriquez, Miladis Adult Education Virtual Assistant
Lainez Rodriguez, Dolores Adult Education Virtual Assistant
Lopez, Natalia Communications Specialist
Martinez de Rivera, Rosa Early Childhood Teacher
Meinel, Elizabeth Virtual Lead Teacher and CASAS/ Adult Education Administrative Support
Mendoza, Yanci Front Desk and Administrative Assistant
Mendoza, Abigail Substitute Teacher
Perez, Francisco Facilities Engineer and External Education Specialist
Nunez, Milagro Student Recruitment
Perez Ceto De Matom, Juana Adult Education Virtual Assistant
Quinteros, Wendy Medical Assistant Program Coordinator
Ramer, Lea Administrative Coordinator
Reyes, Migdalia Early Childhood Dedicated Aide
Robinson, Susana Early Childhood Resource Specialist and Coach
Rugama, Meylin Early Childhood Substitute Instructor
Salado, Alma (Gabi) Student Services and Leadership Coordinator
Salas Quispe, Lucia Student Services Coordinator
Salmeron, Martin IT Help Desk Technician
Sanchez, Silvia Dedicated Aide and Classroom Assistant
Cuesta, Sandra Student Services Assistant
Pereira, Breno Adult Education Lead Teacher
Reyes, Claudia Shepherd Street Front Desk Receptionist & Administrative Assistant
Sherman, Mark Adult Education Long-Term Substitute Teacher
Lopez Pimentel, Maria Early Childhood Substitute Instructor
Escobar, Dina Outreach Assistant
Walsh, Catherine Adult Education Substitute Teacher
Romero Granados, Gabriela Early Childhood Substitute Instructor
Hernández, Karla Early Childhood Substitute Instructor