Workforce Development

Students Prepare for Professional Credentials

Careers in early childhood and health care build social and economic mobility for families — and a foundation for long-term, engaging work.

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Child Development Associate

Briya’s tuition-free Child Development Associate Program equips students to provide high-quality care and education as early childhood teachers, home visitors, or directors of licensed childcare homes or centers.

Students begin by learning the foundational theories of child development, including indicators of healthy physical, cognitive, linguistic and social-emotional development. Students put these theories to practice by working with children in a licensed childcare center or school during the course’s 480-hour practicum. They also gain CPR/First Aid certification and create a professional portfolio.

After completing course requirements, students are assessed by the Council for Professional Recognition to receive their national Child Development Associate credential.

Medical Assistant

Students graduate from Briya’s 12-15 month program prepared for careers as Registered Medical Assistants, who work alongside doctors and nurses in medical offices, clinics, and hospitals.

Throughout Briya’s course, students gain hands-on practice with clinical lab skills such as drawing blood, giving injections, and taking blood pressure. They also gain proficiency in administrative skills, including updating patient records and coding insurance forms.

Briya offers the MA program in collaboration with our longtime partner, Mary’s Center, thereby providing students with embedded learning opportunities with Mary’s Center nursing and medical assistant staff. Students also complete a 160-hour externship in a local clinic, hospital or doctor’s office. The course concludes with test-prep sessions that equip students to pass the nationally recognized Registered Medical Assistant exam.

"Briya has really shown me a true community. The friendships and memories that I've created with my classmates have been incredible."

— Amy, Briya graduate