Two-Generation Approach

Our two-generation education model uniquely supports family well-being by addressing the emotional needs of both parents and their children.

We recognize that parents are their children’s first and most important teachers and build on this strength to ensure that both generations thrive. Research validates that two-generation education ensures long-term school success for children and economic stability for the whole family.

Briya’s two-generation model has four distinct components that work seamlessly together

Adult Education

Adult Education

Adults, the majority of whom are parents, enroll in a continuum of courses designed to help them meet their personal goals.

Early Childhood

Early Childhood Education

Young children of adult students may enroll in Briya’s high-quality birth through preK early childhood classes.

Family Integration

Family Integration

Our education program is uniquely designed around a commitment to family integration. Parents gain tools to support their children in a myriad of ways.

Child Development Associate Program

Comprehensive Services

We connect student families with resources to meet their holistic needs through partnerships with Mary’s Center and other community organizations.