Briya’s nationally recognized,
two-generation model produces strong academic outcomes for children and adults.

Below is a collection of recent studies exploring our model, key program practices, and student and family outcomes.

Early Childhood Education

Although most pre-K students enter Briya performing below grade level, almost all leave our school meeting or exceeding expectations for their age.

Read the 2019 School Quality Report (Early Childhood)

Briya’s pre-K classrooms consistently receive the highest scores on classroom quality as measured by the Classroom Assessment Scoring System, a national evaluation tool that measures emotional support, classroom organization, and instructional support.

“I’ve seen how (my daughter) has grown a lot at Briya. She is more communicative, independent, and full of love. She can express her feelings easily.”

— Zulma, Briya student

Adult Education

Briya adult students consistently exceed national averages in English, literacy, math, and career readiness.

Read the 2019 School Quality Report (Adult Education)

“Before studying at Briya, I was shy to speak English. Briya gave me the opportunity to express myself. Now, I don’t care if it is wrong or right. I can talk and share freely. Briya has changed my life”

— Halima, Briya student

Workforce Development

Graduates leave Briya’s Medical Assistant and Child Development Associate programs well-prepared for careers in their fields, setting their families on pathways to economic stability.

“I have never been so excited before as when I got the call from Briya to tell me I’d been accepted in the MA Program. From that moment on, in that place where I was in the salon braiding someone’s hair, I felt like, ‘This is going to be a life change for me.’ Why? Because I knew I was going to be an MA one day.”

— Aminata, Briya graduate

Tier 1 Status

Briya’s high-quality programs have garnered the school Tier 1 status from the DC Public Charter School Board every year that the rankings have been awarded.

“Nothing has given us as much strength and confidence as Briya has. For me, Briya is like my home, my family, my support.”

— Rosa, Briya student