School Choice Panel 2016

School Choice Panel 2016

School Choice Panel prepares Briya students to make informed choices for their children

Looking at school websites is one way to learn about options for your children’s education. But hearing directly from school leaders and asking them questions can be even more valuable. Family literacy students had the chance to do just that during Briya’s ninth annual School Choice Panel this January.

Leaders from nine high-quality local schools—Bancroft Elementary, Bridges PCS, Bruce Monroe Elementary, DC Bilingual PCS, LAMB PCS, Mundo Verde PCS, Powell Elementary and Stokes PCS, as well as Briya—took turns describing what makes their school unique during the panel, which was hosted by Briya.

Panelists shared key facts about their schools, including basic offerings, the school’s philosophy, time and cost of before and after care, dates of upcoming open houses, and more.

Each representative gave information about their school in both English and Spanish. Translation was also provided for students who speak other languages, including French, Amharic, Arabic and Bengali.

After sharing, each panelist answered audience questions. Students then had the chance to talk one-on-one with panelists whose schools interested them and to pick up brochures about the programs.

“The students seemed to really enjoy the panel,” said Judy Kittleson, Family Literacy Instructor and panel organizer. “I think they most appreciated learning more about each school’s philosophy directly from the schools’ leaders.